Pharmacist Consults and Prescriptions for Minor Ailments

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Starting June 1, our clinical pharmacists will begin to provide consultation and prescribe medications for certain common conditions without seeing a doctor. The consult is free for all BC residents. Click the Minor Ailment Consult below to get started with your appointment.

What’s included?

Authorized ConditionsCategories of Drugs
acnetopical drugs
seasonal allergiesintranasal drugs (including antihistamines), ophthalmic drugs (including antihistamines), oral antihistamines
eye irritation (allergic, bacterial or viral)ophthalmic drugs
skin irritation (allergic, atopic, contact, diaper or seborrheic)topical drugs
Painful periodsnon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
indigestiongastric acid-reducing drugs
fungal infectionstopical drugs
heartburngastric acid-reducing drugs
hemorrhoidstopical drugs
cold sorestopical drugs (including antiviral), other types of antiviral drugs
impetigotopical drugs
musculoskeletal painNSAIDs
nicotine dependencenicotine cessation drugs
oral ulcers (canker sores)topical drugs
oral fungal infectionsantifungal drugs
shinglesantiviral drugs
threadworms and pinwormsanthelmintic drugs
urinary tract infection (uncomplicated)antibiotic drugs
urticaria, including insect bitestopical drugs (including antihistamines), other antihistamine drugs
yeast infectionsantifungal drugs
contraception and emergency contraception